Terrain listening system “Trembita M”

Research area – military.

Purpose. Ukrainian scientists have created a unique sound imager “Trembita M”, which can replace expensive thermal imagers and night vision devices.

Area. Organization of ground defense.

Description. The device uses new composite materials that have unique acoustic properties. Tests have shown that the device from a hundred meters picks up the sound of a match falling on the ground or grass. The soldier attaches headphones to the device and monitors the area within a radius of several kilometers. You can also connect Trembita with a cable to your laptop. Then a special program determines why, where exactly and at what distance this or that sound arose. The complex includes a special turret platform on which a Kalashnikov assault rifle is installed. When connected to a laptop, a mode is set in which the system gives the command to open fire if the enemy approaches the positions. If, for example, a reconnaissance and sabotage group of the enemy is approaching the Ukrainian positions through the forest, then it is worth one of its members, who are a kilometer away, to distort the bolt of the machine gun, as the system will clearly determine this. In an open area, she will hear the shutter click, from an even greater distance. The system was successfully tested during the hostilities in the Donetsk region. In particular, with its help, it was possible to detect and destroy the enemy’s mortar crew, which was moving along the forest plantation two kilometers from the positions of the Ukrainian military. “Trembita” weighs about 1.5 kg. A belt is provided for carrying it, and the pins allow you to securely fix the device to the ground.

Advantages. The device costs about $ 20, while the price of thermal imagers and night vision devices that are used for such purposes is estimated at thousands of dollars.

Readiness: Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Realization of finished products. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Joint production, sale, operation. Sale of patents.

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