Super tough transparent armor

Area of study – military affairs.

Purpose. The Ukrainian Institute has developed and created super-durable transparent armor to replace traditional tempered windows. It will improve the protection class of Ukrainian military vehicles and at the same time make them lighter. Transparent armor can withstand shots from armor-piercing bullets and even silicon carbide bullets.

Area. At the enterprises of the defense industry, in particular, for equipping domestic serial armored personnel carriers, as well as new machines of the Dozor-B type. On a peaceful territory, vehicles for transporting valuables can be equipped with transparent armor, using it as windows and armored doors.

Description. The developed armor is based on artificially grown sapphire, which in this case is a unique material. It is harder than reinforced glass, and when the ball hits the sapphire, it loses its speed, flattens and shatters. And the last inner layer of armor made of monolithic plastic prevents fragments from spreading in the cockpit. Thus, the crew remains unharmed. The development of Ukrainian scientists should be a response to modern weapons. For example, in Sweden, a ball with superhard tips is now being developed that pierce transparent armor from a distance of 2 km. The proposed invention can withstand the impact of such a projectile. It takes two weeks to make one square meter of sapphire – that is how much it takes to equip one armored personnel carrier. The cost of such a “square” is about $ 4000.

Advantages. Armored glass for military vehicles with the addition of sapphire is five times harder than reinforced glass. In addition, it will be lighter than the traditional one: a square meter of the latter weighs about 400 kg, while the armor with sapphire is only 150 kg. Such a glass unit is also thin, which is especially important for light armored vehicles with large viewing windows.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Joint production, sale, operation. Sale of patents.

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