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Plant extracts technologies

Purpose: For the treatment of people from many diseases, as well as a preventive and health-improving agent. Specifications: Formulations and…

Disodium salt of 2-succinate acid with antioxidant and neuroprotective activity

Purpose: The development can be used after preclinical trials in medical practice as a drug for the treatment of strokes….

A device for monitoring the dynamics of the functional state of an athlete

Purpose: The device is designed to track an athlete’s readiness for the training and recovery process. Gives the coach the…

Electronic device for determining the Rufier index of schoolchildren

Purpose: The device is designed for the semi-automatic calculation of the Rufier index based on three measurements of the heart…

Prosthetic device for performing professional massage techniques for disabled people

Purpose: The development is intended for occupational therapy as part of physical rehabilitation activities with simultaneous social and professional retraining…

New generation compounds showing anti-influenza activity

Purpose: The developed compounds are promising for the creation of effective anti-influenza drugs with minimal side effects. Area: Pharmacology, medicine….

Medical and diagnostic complex for stimulation of gastrointestinal tract motility in patients with constipation, atony, paresis, paralysis

Field of research – medicine. Purpose – for computer diagnostics and, if necessary, stimulating the motility of the organs of…

Anti-burn hydrogel dressings

Research area – medicine. Purpose – to seal, disinfect and heal wounds while maintaining a moist environment around it. Area….

Hemostatic agent “Krovospas”

Research area – pharmacology. Purpose – to stop blood loss without the need to tighten the wound with a tourniquet….

Hearing aid model

Field of research – medicine. Purpose. The hearing aid is intended for people with hearing impairments. The model can be…