German SME is looking for a partner interested in the production of steel hulls for watercraft and amphibians

A German SME that manufactures boats and amphibians for the maintenance of open water systems for mowing and collecting waste on rivers and lakes is looking for a supplier of steel hulls for boats and amphibians to be customized. The partner must provide the required steel and manufacture the hulls of the watercraft and amphibians according to the drawings of the German company. The required production steps are cutting, bending and welding. The partners must be able to handle materials with a thickness of 2-20 mm and sizes from 10 cm, as well as boat hulls measuring 10x3x2 meters.

The partner must be certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and, if possible, be able to organize the transportation of products to Germany.

S355 steel is used for the manufacture of cases; S235; AlMg3; AlMg4.5. Housings should be welded using the following processes: MIG (inert gas arc welding) and / or TIG (gas tungsten arc welding) or MAG (active gas arc welding).