Functional nutrition as a preventive protection for brain dysfunctions

Research area – biotechnology.

Purpose – to substantiate the molecular-biochemical foundations of neurodegenerative processes in conditions of the development of stress-inductive cardiopathy; search for cardio- and neuroprotective agents preventing cognitive impairment, biochemical rationale for the use of functional nutrition.

Area. Medicine, preventive and therapeutic use of neuroprotective agents. Dietetics, functional nutrition (for children, geriatric, rehabilitation).

Characteristics. The specificity and affinity of the obtained antisera were characterized using immunological and immunochemical methods. A test system has been developed for determining the amount of glial fibrillar acidic protein and basic myelin protein (sensitivity from 3 to 100 μg in 0.1 ml, analytical sample volume 250 μl). The test system was developed in accordance with the requirements for express methods (the term for the entire analysis protocol is 3:00).

Description. Using experimental models of disorders of the central nervous system (CNS) in conditions of limited oxygen supply and stress factors in laboratory animals (adequate pathogenesis in humans) and the use of clinical material (blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid), changes in the dynamics of the development of cognitive deficit, learning and memory processes will be determined. , the distribution of neurospecific proteins in various parts of the brain and blood plasma in conditions of cardiopathy, ischemia and the action of adverse environmental factors (technogenic and psychogenic stress), which lead to circulatory disorders and a decrease in the supply of the central nervous system. A biochemical assessment of the nature and relationship of molecular and functional disorders of the central nervous system will be provided. Biochemical substantiation of the degree of efficiency of using natural antioxidants, energotonics and various nanotechnology products as adaptogens of the central nervous system. Design and estimate documentation has already been developed and prototypes have been created.

Advantages. The competitive advantage is that the integrated approach developed by the authors of the project, which consists in the analysis of indicators of behavioral reactions and cognitive processes, oxidative stress, as well as the content and composition of neurospecific proteins and autoantibodies to them, is the latest and, unfortunately, is not used in clinical and rehabilitation practice. But it can significantly expand the understanding of the mechanisms of neurodegeneration and provide practical recommendations for preventing the chronicity of neurogenic symptoms in conditions of stress-inductive dysfunctions of the heart and blood circulation, leading to metabolic disorders in the brain and inhibition of personality development. On the basis of a comprehensive study, a quick algorithm for the analysis of effective natural neuro- and cardioprotectors will be developed, which can be used in the food industry.

Novelty. 1 know-how and 1 quality certificate of Ukraine.

Readiness. Laboratory tested.

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