Energetic fences

Research area – new and renewable energy sources.

Purpose – for the perception of energy from alternative sources, ensuring the controlled production, transformation, redistribution and storage of energy, as well as the protection of premises from the undesirable effects of climatic and man-made environmental factors.

Area. Energy, construction industry, agricultural sector. The purchase and use of energy-active fences will be interested in consumers who have developed markets for construction, the use of solar energy, and the like. Such markets can be, for example, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, etc.) and Japan.

Description. To significantly reduce the specific energy consumption of structures, a simultaneous radical restructuring of the power supply system and reconstruction is proposed, in which, during thermal modernization, passive barriers are transformed into energy-active ones (there are those that convert the energy of alternative sources – solar energy, environmental energy, waste heat of ventilation air, etc.). Energetic fences are an innovative type of building structure that encloses the building and at the same time is its integral active element of the energy supply (air conditioning) system. To effectively perform this function, energy-active fences as part of the power supply system are characterized by:

  1. the presence of channels for the circulation of the coolant with the possibility of its regulation;
  2. adjustable solar energy absorption coefficient and emissivity;
  3. sufficient heat resistance;
  4. adjustable coefficient of heat loss;
  5. regulated redistribution of received and converted energy;
  6. recuperation of heat losses (conducted and with ventilation emissions)
  7. modularity with the possibility of a step-by-step gradual increase in energy activity.

For the implementation of this project, the developer is looking for partners interested in creating a joint venture for the production of energy-active fences, since the need to combine some aspects of production and marketing activities with a foreign company in order to release products on mutually beneficial terms. The volume of products to be exported can reach 80%.

Advantages. In contrast to the existing traditional passive barriers, the proposed developed energy-active barriers are at the same time an element of an innovative system that makes full use of the energy of alternative sources. That is, energy-active fences additionally perform functions inherent in heating systems, hot water supply, power supply – they provide transformation, generation, and also redistribution of energy and air conditioning the premises of the structure.

The use of energy-active fences allows:

  • increase the thermal resistance of the building;
  • minimize heat losses;
  • effectively perceive and transform the energy of solar radiation, low-potential energy of the environment, heat of waste ventilation air;
  • provide the necessary comfortable indoor microclimate.

Technical and economic effect. The use of energy-active fences with the simultaneous modification of energy supply systems can reduce the consumption of traditional energy resources by 2-3 times.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. A prototype has been made.

Cooperation. Creation of a joint venture. Co-production, sale, operation.

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