Solar powered flexible cell power supply

Research area – new and renewable energy sources.

Purpose. Converting light energy into electrical energy and ensuring the smooth operation of portable electronic devices at an arbitrary level of illumination both while driving and in a stationary position.

Area. Instrumentation, power engineering.

Description. It is proposed to organize the production of autonomous power supplies on flexible elements powered by solar energy, which ensure the uninterrupted operation of portable electronic devices at an arbitrary level of illumination, as well as products (bags, clothes, umbrellas, etc.) on which such autonomous power sources are installed. The developed method for generating electricity using a photovoltaic converter is that the electrical energy obtained using a solar battery is accumulated using a capacitor with a capacity of 0.01-100 F with an internal resistance of less than 0.15 Ohm, which is charged to a voltage corresponding to the maximum solar power. batteries. The accumulated electrical energy is supplied through a DC-DC converter with pulse-width modulation to a load or to a battery in the form of pulses with an energy of 1-10 to the 5th power of J.

Advantages: To date, similar power sources and products with them are not produced in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Due to the flexibility (> 25%) of the main components of self-contained power supplies, they can be installed on various textile and similar products (for example: bags, clothes, umbrellas, tents, etc.), easily packed, transported and handy. Their significant advantage is also the ability to provide energy in a wide range of illumination (from 5% to 100%) due to the greater efficiency of energy extraction. In addition, the efficient extraction of energy from solar cells makes it possible to reduce the cost of the system as a whole. At this time, the most valuable component of such power sources is solar cells, and more efficient energy extraction allows you to reduce their number without reducing the amount of energy produced.

Novelty. 2 patents of Ukraine. 2 foreign patents.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Joint industrialization.

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