Computer program “Whiteness”

Research area – software.

Purpose. The development belongs to computer programs and can be used to determine the whiteness of kaolin from the image.

Area. The developed computer program can be implemented at enterprises for the extraction and enrichment of kaolin. The development results are planned to be implemented at LLC AKV Ukrainian Kaolin Society, JSC Glukhovetskiy Mining and Processing Kaolin Plant and LLC Zhezhelevsky Kaolin.

Description. The algorithm of the developed program is based on the method for determining the degree of image whiteness using the RGB color coordinate system. The result is a file with a csv extension for the image processing data. The source code of the program is written in the high-level general-purpose programming language Python. The program is designed to run on personal computers based on the operating system Windows XP or higher. The product is completely ready to use. It is necessary to create an English translation of the interface upon request. This computer program can be introduced into the industry.

Advantages: The advantage of the new computer program is the possibility of using the regression function, which reflects the dependence of a certain whiteness on the color coordinates RGB and whiteness determined in laboratory conditions. The program, in accordance with the selected regression function, corrects for the specified whiteness behind the RGB color coordinates. The proposed program has no exact analogues and is extremely simple.

Technical and economic effect. This technology can significantly reduce the time to determine the whiteness of kaolin and does not require complex expensive equipment, which will have a positive effect on the economic performance of the mining enterprise.

Novelty. 1 certificate of Ukraine.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Sales of finished products.

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