Image polarimeter

Research area – optics.

Purpose. An automatic polarimeter of the whole image field can be used to measure the parameters of the optical anisotropy of transparent non-depolarizing spatially inhomogeneous objects and systems in the form of a Jones matrix.

Area. Optical-physical measurements, namely, non-destructive testing of residual technological stresses in optical elements by the distribution of the phase difference and the orientation of the optical indicatrix.

Technical characteristics:


Permissible absolute error when measuring the orientation of the indicatrix (depending on the value of the phase difference):

~ 1 hail (30-160 hail)

~ 5 hail (5-30 hail and 160-175 hail)

2) permissible absolute error in determining the phase difference (depending on the value of the phase difference):

~ 3 degree (30-160 degree)

~ 5 degree (10-30 degree and 160-170 degree)

~ 10 degree (5-10 degree and 170-175 degree)

3) power consumption, no more than 100 W;

4) overall dimensions 690x760x170mm.

Description. The image polarimeter contains a radiation source in the form of a gas laser, a beam expander, a polarizer, a test sample, an analyzer, a two-dimensional photodetector, a computer, a rotary device for a radiation intensity regulator, a linear polarizer, a quarter-wave plate, a coherence mixer.

Advantages: An original polarimetric technique was applied, which made it possible to realize an analogue of the zero polarimeter for the multibeam case. This makes it possible to use a serial household CCD camera as a photodetector instead of special CCDs for scientific purposes, which significantly reduces the cost of the polarimeter.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Sales of finished products.

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