MHP announced the open innovation competition MHP Innovation lab: decarbonization

On August 30, 2021, MHP announced an open innovation competition through which, together with innovators, it is planned to minimize the carbon footprint of products. The strategic goal of MHP is the company’s carbon neutrality until 2030. Achieving this goal is impossible without the introduction of innovations. Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment are top priorities for responsible businesses.

“MHP Innovation lab: decarbonization” is a competition in which MHP is looking for the best solutions to restore soil fertility and decarbonize production processes.

Among the tasks in the direction of soil restoration, the participants are facing, will be: to create a solution and technologies for fertilization and processing to restore the fertility of Ukrainian soils; find a solution to improve the form of organic fertilizers after biogas production, solutions for granulation, highly efficient drying (moisture reduction), reduction of application rates; to propose technologies for minimum tillage, use of information and telecommunication technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As for the direction of decarbonization of production processes, the participants will need to propose projects to solve the following tasks: find solutions to increase the energy and resource efficiency of the processes of freezing, storage and logistics of finished products, and, accordingly, reduce the carbon footprint from it; to propose new solutions for the use of “green” CO2 in the agricultural sector; find solutions related to the development of innovative and resource-saving technologies for the production of containers from recycled materials.

The authors of the ideas will receive an expert assessment, as well as professional advice to improve the project. The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to access the production resources of MHP as a pilot site for a test launch. It should be noted that the best innovative solutions can be implemented in partnership with MHP into a commercial project.

Requirements for participation in the competition:

  1. Have a working solution or prototype for one of the challenges proposed for the solution in the competition.
  2. The solution must have a proven prototype (at the MVP stage).
  3. The solution can be physically tested at MHP enterprises (production, cultivation, logistics, etc.).
  4. Have a team of 2 or more people.
  5. Send a presentation or demo solution before September 30.

An important condition is that projects from sellers and distributors of solutions and services of third parties are not accepted for participation.

The partners of the competition were: the Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) – created to develop and stimulate innovation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA) – an independent platform for export-oriented Ukrainian business and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) – a non-profit public union that unites business and experts for the development of bioenergy in Ukraine.

You can apply for participation and learn more about the competition itself on the website: