Containers for storage and disposal of radioactive waste of low, medium and high activity and highly toxic chemical waste

Research area – hazardous waste disposal.

Purpose – for the production of containers, modular storage facilities for the transportation and storage of radioactive waste, as well as means of collective protection of personnel from radiation exposure.

Area: radiation ecology, preservation and disposal of radioactive and chemical waste, rehabilitation of radiation and chemically contaminated areas.

Description. Improvement of the design of the existing container of standard volume (200 l), as well as modification of its structural material. Testing and certification of the container, obtaining the necessary security documents and putting it into production.

Advantages. The use of polymer composite materials, previously inapplicable for the manufacture of containers. The addition of highly dispersed functional modifiers to the composition of the material at a reduced cost (in comparison with existing samples), which can significantly increase the functional properties of the container.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine. 1 foreign patent.

Readiness. Laboratory tested.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Realization of finished products. Co-production, sale, operation.

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