Airplane crash rescue capsule

Research area – aviation and space.

Purpose – to provide almost guaranteed rescue of all passengers and crew in case of a plane crash in the air, during takeoff and landing.

Scope of application. Aircraft manufacturing.

Description. The idea of ​​this rescue capsule appeared a long time ago, but only relatively recently appeared ultra-light and durable materials from which it can be produced – carbon fiber. The mechanism of action of the rescue system is as follows: the concept of a capsule with seats for passengers and crew should fly out of the aircraft fuselage through the rear hatch in 2-3 seconds. First, a small parachute is pushed from the plane, it entails a large one, which pulls out the same capsule. The capsule can only be installed on aircraft models in which there is space in the tail section for a hatch capable of passing large objects, that is, this development is not suitable for Boeing or Airbus. The capsule flies at a speed of 8-9 m / s; the design includes a sensor that determines the distance to the surface. When the distance is reduced, the powder motors are turned on, they brake the container – as a result, it lands at zero speed. The capsule, which can be installed on production aircraft models, is the first stage of the invention. The second is the creation of new aircraft models equipped with such capsules from the very beginning. And if in the first case, when the capsule is installed in the existing model of the aircraft, it becomes heavier, then in the second, its mass will not change. The total time required for the implementation of the first stage of the project is about four years. Two years for development and testing, another one and a half to two years to obtain ICAO airworthiness certificates. The estimated cost of this stage is about $ 1 million.

Advantages. There are no analogues in the world. The capsule with seats for passengers and crew can jump out of the aircraft fuselage through the rear hatch in 2-3 seconds and provides almost one hundred percent rescue. The idea of ​​the proposed capsule is not new, however, the disadvantage of previous engineering solutions is that they propose the use of explosive cutting of the aircraft body, which leads to irreversible destruction and the impossibility of further use of the aircraft, and there is also a danger of damage, depressurization or destruction of the capsule itself.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. Further work is needed.

Cooperation. Sale of licenses. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Creation of a joint venture.

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