The latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus in children

Research area – optics.

Purpose – for the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus in children using the so-called. microprismatic compensators, which in most cases allow avoiding surgical intervention and achieving 100% restoration of vision.

Area. Ophthalmology.

Description. The method of treating strabismus using microprisms existed earlier, but the problem was that the microprism itself, which was glued on top of the glasses, was soft and, given the technology of its manufacture, provided a rather low vision – a child could see about 50 percent with such glasses. Scientists managed to make a tough microprism of such a quality that allows a child to achieve 100 percent vision. They also invented a special glue that allows you to stick the microprism on the medical glasses in such a way, this does not affect the visual acuity, that is, it remains as high as possible. Thanks to this development, a new technique and special rulers have been created for the accurate diagnosis of strabismus in children, which can be provided to every ophthalmologist. The development was introduced into production in China. The institute is interested in introducing the developed samples into the customer’s technological process.

Advantages. The development of Ukrainian scientists and specialists has no analogues in the world.

Novelty. 1 certificate of Ukraine.

Readiness. Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Joint production, sale, operation. Joint industrialization.

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