Hemostatic agent “Krovospas”

Research area – pharmacology.

Purpose – to stop blood loss without the need to tighten the wound with a tourniquet.

Area. The tool is in great demand in military medicine, when almost every second death is associated with blood loss. In addition, “Krovospas” can be widely used in peacetime, in particular, in disaster medicine, in the ambulance service, traumatology and surgery.

Description. “Krovospas” is a tool that allows you to quickly stop blood loss. It is based on a carrier impregnated with a composition of hemostatic agents, each of which has its own function. Their combined effect makes it possible to almost instantly stop bleeding, giving the body a signal about damage to blood vessels and causing the effect of hemostasis – stopping blood. All components exhibit a synergistic effect, give a cooperative effect, that is, reinforce each other. The new product retains its properties, packaging tightness and sterility during storage, transportation, use in harsh climatic conditions (from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius with humidity exceeding 95%). It has radiopaque properties, which makes it possible to reveal the agent or its fragments if they remain in the wound. The product is planned to be produced in various forms – napkins, bandages, tampons, pads, etc. It has passed all clinical trials and is completely ready for registration. Desired partner type – manufacturing plant for signing a production contract. Production start-up is about 1 million euros.

Advantages. In its capabilities, the domestic development is not inferior to the popular in the world CELOX (Great Britain) and QuikСlot Combat Gauz (USA), and the price is several times cheaper than the above analogs.

Novelty. 1 certificate of Ukraine.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Joint industrialization.

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