On October 8, 2021, the Start Global Day conference will be held

The founders of InDriver, Grammarly and Amazon Web Services experts will tell how startups from the post-Soviet space enter the markets of the USA, China, South America, Africa and India at the Start Global Day conference, October 8.

Start Global Day is a practical conference for entrepreneurs who launch an international project, bring startups to foreign markets or plan to scale up a mature business.

The event will be televised live. Communication will be organized between the two studios, where local entrepreneurs will gather and ask questions to speakers in real-time. The studios are organized with the support of Astana Hub (Kazakhstan) and UNIT City (Ukraine). In addition to offline studios, the broadcast will be available on the website by prior registration.

The founders will tell you how a business can discover foreign markets: how to attract customers, what cultural peculiarities of countries will have to deal with and how to take them into account in sales.

AWS experts will share the specifics of different market segments, tell you what growth points are today and what tools will help you occupy your niche. 

  • Igor Karpets, using the example of his company Grammarly, will tell you how to sell in the USA from Ukraine, how the American approach to marketing and sales differs and how to apply it.
  • Egor Fedorov will share the experience of his company InDriver in promoting a technology startup in Latin America.

The conference is supported by Amazon Web Services and UNIT City. Registration – on the website.