IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science, education, innovation: topical issues and modern aspects” (Tallinn, Estonia, October 4-5, 2021)

On October 4-5, 2021, the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science, Education, Innovation: Topical Issues and Contemporary Aspects” will host in Tallinn, Estonia.

Form of participation: correspondence.

Works (abstracts / articles) from 2 to 10 pages are accepted.

The abstracts and articles of the conference participants will be published in the collection with the assignment of the UDC, the author’s mark and ISBN 978-5-7983-4322-5 by the publisher Uhingu Teadus juhatus (Tallinn, Estonia).

Acceptance of works is carried out until September 25 inclusive.

The collection in electronic form will be posted on this website until October 5, 2021.

Printed collections and certificates will be sent within a month from the date of the conference.

All participants will receive personalized certificates of participation in the conference. The certificates indicate the number of hours of remote work provided for the preparation of work – 12 hours *.

All published works will be indexed in Google Academy within a month. 


■ fill out the abstract / article according to the requirements and sample:

■ send your abstract / article for consideration by filling out the electronic form on the website:

■ expect a response from the organizing committee of the conference (from 2 to 8 hours);

If you haven’t received an answer, please check the SPAM folder, as letters from unknown addresses very often end up there.

■ after receiving a response, pay the registration fee:

■ wait for the payment to be processed (from 2 to 12 hours); Participants will be sent their personalized certificates along with a payment receipt message.

■ expect the publication of materials on the site on the specified date; within a month after publication, the materials will be guaranteed to be indexed in Google Academy.

Details – on the website.