Hardware and software complex for optical remote sensing of space objects in Earth orbit


The development is designed to measure the coordinates and brightness of fast-moving space objects (SO) in orbit, determine the parameters of orbital motion and rotation around the center of mass and predict the further motion of the spacecraft.


    • Measurements of the coordinates of the CO with the root-mean-square error of one measurement less than 1.5 cuts.
    • Brightness measurements of COs with an error of less than 0.1 magnitudes.
    • The time resolution of measurements is 0.02 s (50 measurements per second).
    • The penetrating power of the optical channel reaches the 10-11th magnitude.
    • Determination of the parameters of the orbital motion of the spacecraft based on measurements within 1-3 days and the parameters of rotation – within several weeks.
    • On a monthly time interval, the forecast of deviation along the direction of motion of the spacecraft does not exceed 100 m (10 kut.s) for an orbit of 1500 km above the Earth.


Separate structures of the space industry.


The developed unique complex for observation of low-orbit artificial earth satellites allows you to simultaneously determine their position and relative orientation. The use of the proposed measurement methods increases the capabilities of remote sensing and is almost the only way to determine the state of rotation of the spacecraft in the event of an accident and failure of standard telemetric communication and control channels.


The complex provides semi-automatic tracking of the spacecraft in the entire range of altitudes above the Earth’s surface and the range of apparent angular velocities.

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