A group of Italian companies is looking for technology for wireless charging of electric vehicles

A group of Italian electric vehicle companies are looking for wireless charging technology for cars. Cooperation is planned to be carried out under commercial agreements with technical assistance, license agreements and agreements on technical cooperation.

A group of Italian companies operates in the electric vehicle sector. They maintain close contacts with the company that builds and maintains roads in Italy, as well as with various local authorities.

Wireless charging for electric vehicles is essentially an improved version of the one used for smartphones, based on resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy between a cell located on the ground and a second cell located on an electric vehicle. They are also looking for technologies to develop asphalt formulations that will optimize the road surface to make it more efficient for inductive charging.

Wireless charging will allow electric vehicles to be connected to the mains without using special connectors. The car can be charged directly in the garage or even while it is on the move, thanks to special systems located on the highways that allow wireless battery charging while the car is moving on the road.

The use of wireless charging will allow for more efficient use of battery capacity, as well as optimize charging times, reduce battery size, a common platform for all electric vehicles will reduce deployment investment, allow existing infrastructure to be used without the need for new network infrastructure and conversion stations.

Type and role of the desired partner

A group of Italian companies is looking for manufacturers of wireless car charging systems. The type of agreement depends on the stage of technology development. In the case of a fully developed technology, the technology partner will act as the licensor and grant permission to use the technology for e-mobility projects.

If support services and other activities are required for technology transfer, cooperation can take place through commercial agreements with technical assistance.

In the case of unfinished technologies, a network of Italian companies will lend their skills and knowledge to jointly develop the technology. Thus, within the framework of technical cooperation agreements, the two industrial partners will collaborate on the development of an element that will be placed under the asphalt and an element that will be placed on an electric vehicle.

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