Biotechnology for remediation of coastal sea waters from chemical and biological pollution


For remediation of coastal sea waters from chemical and biological pollution.


Seawater treatment plants.


The developed biotechnology is distinguished by efficiency, eco-safety, low cost, ease of implementation in natural conditions, the possibility of implementation in industrial sectors – for cleaning polluted industrial wastewater; does not cause secondary pollution, does not require special labor-intensive equipment, can be reused.


In various regions of the Black Sea, especially in recreational areas, there is a presence of pathogenic microbiota, an excess of the level of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, an excess of maximum permissible concentrations (MPC) of oil products, synthetic surfactants (surfactants) and heavy metal ions (IIM) such as: Cr (VI), Zn (II), Cu (II). The innovative development that is proposed solves this environmental problem. The development is suitable for cleaning the natural environment in conditions of increased salinity and multifactorial chemical and biological pollution. In an innovative development, for the first time, a biological modification of a synthetic carrier was carried out with a fundamentally new composition of the association of non-pathogenic strains of microorganisms (P. fluorescens ОNU328, P. maltophilia ОNU329, P. cepacia ОNU327, No. 38, No. 39, No. 41, No. 47), which are antagonists of pathogenic microbiota, destructors of organic xenobiotics and effective sorbents of heavy metal ions. When using biochemically active immobilized bacteria, maximum results are achieved in purifying sea water from both inorganic and organic pollutants. A high antagonistic effect was revealed in relation to biological pollutants from a variety of sanitary-indicative microorganisms (B. subtilis, M. luteus, E. coli, etc.).

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