Aerosol particle laser counter


The developed device makes it possible to measure aerosol air pollution in real time with the output of information both on the mass concentration of aerosol (in units of mg / m3) and on the numerical one (by fractions). The portable device is convenient to use to create monitoring networks using the Internet.


The development can be successfully used to solve various problems in the field of ecology, energy, health care, biology and medicine, in the production of microelectronics (air control in “clean rooms”).


The device has characteristics at the level of the best world samples, while its cost is much lower.


The aerosol counter (model name C-124) uses a new method of registering particles with two photodiodes, which are installed in the immediate vicinity of the laser beam. The electronic unit compares the signals from the two channels with each other, and if they match, the light flux reflected by the aerosol particle is analyzed to determine its size. The device can be connected to a computer with the output of graphic information that is easy to read by the user.

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