Aircraft 3-axis piezoelectric gravimeter


For gravimetric measurements on a moving basis, in particular in geology, geodesy, geology of inertial navigation systems.


The development can be implemented at all enterprises related to gravimetric, geological and geodetic measurements.


Unlike existing gravimeters, the new one significantly increases the accuracy of measuring the acceleration of gravity and its anomalies due to the fact that it measures the value of the full vector and the full modulus of gravity acceleration, in which there is no influence of the vertical acceleration of the aircraft and instrumental errors.


The three-coordinate piezoelectric gravimeter of the aviation gravimetric system contains three sensitive elements, each of which is made with two channels. Each of the channels has one of the piezoelectric elements, which are identical and made in the form of a piezoelectric plate. The piezoelectric elements of both channels of the three sensitive elements are located along three measurement axes, while the frequency of natural vibrations of the piezoelectric plate of all sensitive elements is equal to the frequency of intersection of the spectral densities of the useful signal of gravity acceleration and the signal of the main interference with the vertical acceleration of the aircraft. In this case, the sensitive elements contain inertial masses, which are attached to the bottom of the piezoelectric plate of one channel and upward of the piezoelectric plate of the second channel, respectively. The technical result is an increase in the accuracy of measurements of the acceleration of gravity.

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