Device for measuring geometric parameters and parameters of object movement


The developed device provides a solution to the problem of monitoring compliance with the technological conditions for the manufacture of industrial products and improving their quality based on measuring the geometric parameters of products and parameters of movement of devices and elements of the equipment used.


The error in determining linear dimensions is 0.1 mm, angles – 26 degrees s for products with a maximum size of 1500 × 1200 mm.


Such devices can be completed with automated systems that control the quality of industrial products and control the parameters of technological processes in production.


In the device, the basis of measurements is the transformation of visual information about the object of measurement into digital video images and the execution of algorithmic processing on the computer of the obtained video images. With the use of algorithmic processing, such quantities as geometric parameters and parameters of motion of measurement objects are determined. These parameters can have an independent meaning (for example, quality control of industrial products made of natural stone by their geometric parameters) or serve as a basis for determining other indicators characterizing the properties of the measurement object, which change in space and time. An increase in the metrological characteristics of the device is ensured through the use of new methods of algorithmic processing of measuring video information and compensation of measurement errors, the adaptation of the device to non-stationary and unfavorable conditions of measurements, incl. – using 2 channels for obtaining measurement information about the parameters of the movement of objects.

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