Automated control system for the drainage complex


The developed technology is designed to reduce energy consumption during the operation of pumping units of the drainage system.


The development can be implemented at mining enterprises and any other industry where parallel operation of pumping units is used.


For the first time, an energy-efficient automated drainage control system has been developed. The proposed development makes it possible to save energy due to: monitoring the actual technical condition of each pumping unit to form a list of service priorities, choosing a combination of pumping units to minimize specific energy consumption, using a pumping unit switching schedule to ensure the minimum funds required for the operation of the drainage system.


The development is aimed at minimizing costs during the operation of the drainage system due to the optimal combination of pumping units and the organization of the pump start-up schedule. The result is achieved due to the optimal combination of pumping units with different characteristics for parallel operation on a common collector and automatic peak switching with optimization of electrical energy consumption. This leads to an increase in the net cost of 1 m3 of pumped water. The software of the automated control system allows continuous monitoring of the technical condition of the units, increasing the service life and the resulting efficiency of drainage systems.

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