Heat pump utilization of waste heat from mine water


The developed technology is designed to generate additional heat.


    • Heating capacity of the installation – 800 kW
    • Number of heat pump modules-3
    • The volume of hot water prepared at 7:00 – 120 m3
    • Mine water consumption – 200 m3 / h
    • Mine water temperature -16 … 17 ° С
    • Cold water temperature -8 … 15 ° С
    • Hot water temperature -42 … 45 ° С
    • Utilized thermal power – 572 kW
    • Electric power consumption – 228 kW
    • Heat conversion factor -3.5
    • The payback period for capital expenditures is 3.5 years


The development can be applied in hot water supply systems in the mining industry, in the residential sector and other sectors of the economy.


Unlike world analogues, this is the cheapest way to get additional heat. It is possible to obtain hot water for heating, hot water supply and heating systems for air supply shafts. Saving fuel resources and improving the environmental situation in the region.


An additional source of low-grade heat is used in the development – waste water from mine baths, the temperature of which is about 30 ° C, which makes it possible to increase the heat transformation coefficient of the heat pump unit by 7.0-8.0. This means that every 1 kW of consumed electrical energy in the installation will provide the production of 7-8 kW of heat for the hot water supply system. Installation parameters are determined from the conditions for hot water preparation during the night (reduced) electricity tariff.

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