Cylindrical roller bearing


The development is intended for the perception of high dynamic radial and axial loads, when the radial forces reach 10% of the radial bearing capacity, and the axial forces are jointly measured with radial.


The potential user is the rolling stock of railway transport, as well as heavy-duty vehicles.


The proposed technical solution, due to the choice of the optimal design of the separator, effectively solves the problem of ensuring the maximum carrying capacity of a cylindrical roller bearing within a given dimension without deteriorating the operating conditions of the remaining parts.


The cylindrical roller bearing differs in that the polymer cage is made with a maximum number of windows for the rollers when mounting the bearing, the bridges have triangular end ledges to keep the rollers from falling out in the radial direction, and the sides of the bridges have dihedral surfaces. Cylindrical roller bearing put into serial production at Kharkiv Bearing Plant (Ukraine).

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