Software complex for analyzing the modes of distribution electrical networks


The software complex is intended for information support of the activities of technical departments of regional energy supply companies in the organization of monitoring of technological energy costs and optimization of measures to reduce them.


The complex makes it possible to analyze the characteristic modes of distribution power grids (EM) 20 (6) -0.4 KV with dispersed energy sources (IDE) and allows to simplify the solution of a number of urgent problems, in particular: assessment of the energy efficiency of EM and identifying their “weak points”; assessing the impact of IDRs on the efficiency of EV functioning; development of standard measures to reduce electricity losses in the power plant; improvement of information infrastructure of EM according to the optimal ratio “price-quality”.


Regional power supply companies.


The developed software package has no analogues in Ukraine. Analogs from global manufacturers that have similar functionality are not adapted to the conditions of a shortage of initial information, therefore, they significantly lose in reproducing energy processes and algorithms for assessing their effectiveness. The main advantages of the complex include the ability to analyze the energy efficiency of EM in conditions of incomplete information support.


The author uses algorithms for assessing electricity losses, which are maximally adapted to the information support of EM. Electricity losses are determined based on the results of simulating a number of modes. Measured and typical (in the absence of) load and generation schedules, as well as dispatcher switching are involved. The reliability of the results is assessed.

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