Hydraulic built-in conveyor drives


For the repair of roads, machine-tool complexes with numerical control in order to increase the efficiency of their functioning.


Hydraulic built-in drives provide the following parameters: power – 2-60 kW, drum rotation frequency – 11-225 min-1, pressure in the pressure hydraulic line – 6.3-40 MPa, gear ratio – 3-38, overall dimensions – at the destination.


The developed drives can be used in conveyors of bead-laying machines, root harvesting equipment, dumpers, ore and coal mines, for removing shavings in machine-tool complexes.


Thanks to the developed principles of circuit search for rational designs of built-in drives of conveyors for various technological purposes, the use of hydroautomatics means, drive devices with improved technical and economic characteristics have been obtained. They are distinguished by the possibility of continuous operation in conditions of variable traffic flows and provide a reduction in dynamic loads in variable operating modes.


The use of the proposed reasons makes it possible to significantly reduce the overall dimensions, metal consumption and increase the specific power with the possibility of adjusting the operating parameters.

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