Pipeline digging machine


Rotary digging machine is designed for mechanized soil removal from under pipelines in non-frozen soils during the repair of main pipelines using the technology without lifting the pipe.


    • Digging depth, m, not less – 0.6-0.8
    • Tunnel width, m up to – 1.7
    • Technical performance depending on soil conditions, soil strength category and pipeline diameter, lin. m / h – 40-120
    • Power consumption, kW, no more – 75
    • Dimensions, mm, no more:
      • during transportation (on a stand):
        • length 3250
        • width 3100
        • height 3340
      • in working position:
        • length – 3200
        • width – 3300
        • height – 3200
    • Weight, t, no more:
      • 1 standard size – 4.1
      • 2 standard size – 5


Enterprises and organizations involved in the overhaul of trunk pipelines.


The main advantage of the proposed technology lies in the fact that when moving all the machines of the repair string located at a certain distance from each other along the pipeline, if there are rotary pumping machines in the string, repair work is carried out with minimal (within tolerance) changes in the stress state of the pipe. At the same time, there is no need to lift the pipe being repaired, which significantly increases the safety of repair work.

Technical and economic effect:

The performance of excavation work when performing capital repairs of pipelines using a rotary undercutting machine increases 5-7 times.


The design of the machine ensures its installation on the pipeline and removal from it without dismantling, as well as a mechanized process of deepening the working body under the pipeline. The machine has two modifications according to the standard sizes of pipelines. Working design documentation has been developed. Industrial prototypes of the machine were put into operation.

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