Landfill for long-term disposal of toxic waste from human activities


It is proposed to arrange landfills from soil cement using the boil-stirring method to prevent toxic production wastes from entering the soil, surface and underground waters.


Solid waste landfill.


It is not known about the world analogues of the device of soil-cement waste dumps.


Landfills are arranged from soil cement using the drilling method. To do this, on the basis of engineering and geological studies, the location of the landfill is selected so that the impermeable soil layer is at a depth of no more than 10-15 m. Anti-seepage curtains of January soil-cement elements are arranged along the contour of the landfill, without soil extraction. The zapona is immersed in the waterproof layer for at least 1 m. After the soil-cement has set, the soil is removed from the barn with an excavator. The water-resistance of soil-cement made from clay soil is at least W10, for sands W6 can be guaranteed. Over time, the strength and water resistance of soil-cement increases. The reliability of the curtain is determined by the number of rows of soil-cement elements.

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