Copper sulfate reference electrode


Copper-sulfate reference electrode is intended for corrosion control of reinforced concrete structures in remote inaccessible places of a building or structure.


Adjustment of the telescopic rod fixes the device in the working position. Before starting measurements, the positive terminal of the measuring device is connected to the reinforcement of the reinforced concrete structure, and the negative terminal to the electrodes. The device is equipped with an electrical measuring device fixed to the side of the operator’s handle. The telescopic bar allows the installation of the contact bottoms from below on the structure. Operator – from the floor of the building through comparisons. After the operator has installed the contact bottoms at the measuring points, the potentials of the reinforcement and the resistance of the protective layer of concrete are sequentially measured. These indicators make it possible to determine, according to the developed method, the place of corrosion of reinforcement in structures. Device weight – 2 kg, maximum distance to the place of measurements – 8 m.




In world practice, copper-sulfate reference electrodes are known. However, difficulties arise when using such electrodes with a large number of measurements at remote, inaccessible for the operator points on the reinforced concrete structures of buildings. The developed device makes it possible to significantly increase the productivity of work during structural inspections.


The device consists of a light telescopic rod with operator handles fixed on the side by two copper-sulfate reference electrodes, the contact bottoms of which are placed on the opposite edge of the telescopic rod. The contact bottoms are fixed on a removable plug and connected to the reference electrodes by flexible transparent hoses.

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