Functional coatings of working surfaces of parts made of iron-carbon alloys


The development is aimed at improving the quality parameters of the sliding bearing sliding surfaces, details of flexible couplings, friction units of high-speed turbocompressor units (TKA) of liquid-propellant rocket engines and other dynamic equipment operating in corrosive environments with high corrosive and chemical activity. (from high to cryogenic).


Chemical, oil and gas industry, energy, mechanical engineering, etc.


Compared with the traditional technology of chemical thermal treatment (CTT), new technologies are energy efficient, energy-saving and at the same time environmentally friendly technologies for the formation of surface layers of parts, which sufficiently retain the advantages of CTT and are devoid of its disadvantages, such as volumetric heating of parts, deviation from the initial geometry of the part. Local application of technologies allows to reduce energy consumption when performing thermal operations from 19 to 3 kW / h; increase the productivity of the process in comparison with traditional technology up to 2.6 times, which will reduce the technological cost of the process up to 4.8 times.


The development concerns a new, environmentally friendly technology (based on the method of electrospark alloying (ESA)) for obtaining complex coatings on the surface layers of machine parts, which increase the hardness and wear resistance of parts, prevent them from seizing during friction and improve resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

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