Method of obtaining polyaniline nanocomposites


The development concerns the field of functional materials science and can be used for the manufacture of electrically conductive composite materials used in electronic engineering for the design of gas and radiation sensors, optoelectronic devices, etc.


Specific conductivity at room temperature is 0.3-1.5 cm / m.


The proposed method can be used in research and development institutions in various fields of materials science. The development can be implemented in Ukraine and abroad.


The technical and economic efficiency of the invention consists in simplifying the process of obtaining polyaniline nanocomposites with zinc oxide, which makes it possible to obtain a composite polymer material with improved physicochemical properties, namely, increased electrical conductivity and uniform distribution of the mineral component in the polymer matrix.


A technology has been developed for obtaining polyaniline nanocomposites from zinc oxide using a simplified procedure at optimal concentrations of the components. The resulting hybrid composites are characterized by the absence of agglomeration and a uniform distribution of ZnO nanoparticles in the polyaniline matrix. Composites have a globular structure.

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