Belgian company engaged in the development, production, licensing and registration of pharmaceutical products is looking for subcontractors, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in non-EU countries

The Belgian pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement company develops both its own products and collaborates with subcontractors in the development of solid dosage forms. The company distributes and represents foreign manufacturers in the local market. The company is looking for pharmaceutical manufacturers in non-EU countries and offers cooperation under a distribution, manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

The Belgian company was founded in 1947 with the aim of supplying essential injectable drugs to the local market and expanding its mission worldwide. The company is a pharmaceuticals manufacturer based in Brussels and aims to become a leading global player in essential medicines and innovative products.

The company specializes in the production and sale of pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices, food additives and hygiene products. The company develops its own products, mainly pharmaceuticals (injectable and oral liquid forms and tablets) and nutritional supplements (oral liquids, tablets, powders, chewing gums).

The company is looking for partners in non-EU countries.

For some pharmaceuticals, the company is no longer licensed by the local ministry of health, in particular for the production of solid dosage forms. The company is looking for manufacturers to manufacture formulas, subcontract or manufacturing agreements. The company also offers a distribution agreement or a commercial agency agreement to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company offers product registration and marketing services for the Belgian market. Agreements of this type can offer a company new business opportunities by positioning and promoting new pharmaceuticals in the Belgian market and increasing its market share. The company will distribute the products of partners in hospitals and pharmacies or, in the case of a commercial agreement, promote the products of partners among its customers.

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