The Italian company is looking for new surface coating technologies for oleodynamic applications to replace the chromium plating of hydraulic cylinders

The Italian hydraulic cylinder manufacturer is looking for innovative and cleaner surface coating technologies for hydraulic cylinders that will replace the chrome plating of hydraulic cylinders in order to reduce workers’ health risks and environmental pollution. The partners will work together to jointly develop evidence for the developer’s proposed concept or pilot projects under a technical cooperation agreement.

The Italian company, founded in 1963 with a turnover of about 20 million euros, specializes in the production of high-quality hydraulic cylinders for the automation of industrial processes. The company manufactures hydraulic cylinders in a wide variety of sizes according to the needs of customers: large cylinders, single and double-acting cylinders, single acting self-immersed cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders manufactured by the company are used in cranes, trucks, lifts, container loading and unloading, offshore operations, soil drilling, foundations and tunneling machines, hydroelectric power plants and dams, industrial presses, for example, for waste processing, etc.

Coating of cylinders is currently carried out using the traditional chromium plating process, which at a low cost provides corrosion protection, mechanical resistance and sliding surfaces. However, this process has several disadvantages in terms of the risk to the health of the operators and the severe pollution of the environment by the by-products of the process, which requires a serious cleaning. In addition, the company has outsourced the chrome plating process to an external company, which requires high traffic volumes and thus increases the overall negative impact on the environment.

As such, the company is looking for an alternative, cleaner hydraulic cylinder coating processes that are commercially scalable and potentially integrable into the company’s manufacturing process.

The Italian company is interested in any form of cooperation including technological cooperation for the joint development and adaptation of the proposed solution to the specific needs of the company within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

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