The Italian company is looking for navigation systems for autonomous agricultural machines and indoor floor cleaning machines.

The Italian company, a major manufacturer of machines for horticulture and agriculture, is looking for new technological solutions, at least TRL 6, to improve its autonomous mowing and mopping machines by reducing redundancy in the control system and reducing the energy consumption of the machines. The partners are expected to work together to validate concepts or pilot solutions as part of a technical cooperation agreement.

The Italian company is one of the world’s leading players offering innovative solutions for horticulture, agriculture, forestry and industry. The company manufactures and sells high-tech machines, components and accessories in such areas as: power equipment, production and sale of machines for horticulture, forestry and agriculture.

The company is working to make autonomous mowers and mopping machines smarter and more efficient, in particular by installing versatile autonomous driving systems on both outdoor and indoor vehicles, in order to reduce the number of control systems and reduce the energy consumption of the machines. …

There are already autonomous driving products on the market today, but they are mainly based on redundant navigation systems and perimeter markings. Until now, no grass clipper has sensors capable of detecting the height of the grass and therefore determining the direction of navigation.

The purpose of the collaboration is to jointly develop and validate concepts or pilot projects.

The development level of the proposed solutions must be at least TRL 6 – a prototype of the system / subsystem for demonstration.

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