The municipality of the Netherlands is looking for biological solutions and technologies to produce products from the clean sludge of a local lake

The municipality from the Netherlands is looking for partners who have biological solutions and technologies for the production of clean sludge products. Silt will be extracted from a local lake. It is advisable that the partner develops or proposes technologies that will produce products that will be produced and used locally. Cooperation is envisaged in the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

The Dutch municipality with a population of over 200,000 has a lake that has become very shallow over the years. The shallow lake is unfavorable for the survival of various species of animals and plants, and hence for biodiversity. Deepening (dredging) of the lake is an option. However, simple dredging is expensive and unprofitable. Therefore, the municipality wants to use the sludge for the production of some kind of product. The silt in the lake is clean, so it can be suitable for the production of various products. Possible end products could be, for example, bricks or an exfoliating cream. Other additional benefits of this deepening are: less aquatic plant growth, the lake can be used to heat / cool nearby buildings and increase the biodiversity of the lake.

The lake is located in the city center. The circumference of the lake is 7 km. The lake is 10 meters deep in the middle, but only about 4 meters deep on average. When the pool was excavated, its center depth was 40 meters.

The municipality is looking for partners such as research institutes, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises using biotechnology, methods or other ideas to produce products from clean lake silt. Cooperation is expected within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement.

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