Transport orientation devices for feeding plugs


To automate the packaging process.


    • capacity of the system of plugs per hour – 3000-6000 pcs;
    • capacity regulation – stepless;
    • system vibrating feeder drive characteristic:
      – power – 0.1 kW;
      – voltage – 220 V;
      – frequency – 50 Hz;
    • consumed compressed air, pressure – 0.05-0.4 MPa;
    • overall dimensions: 1300 * 500 * 3200 mm;
    • weight 80 kg.


Food industry.


Ease of debugging; the ability to change the dimensions of the package; smooth performance control.


Transport orientation devices are designed to dispense corks from a pile, orientate them and put them on the neck of the bottle before screwing. The use of a vibrating hopper feeder allows you to orientate plugs such as “Sport-lok” and others.

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