Ukrainian Greencubator launches educational platform for eco-startups

The Ukrainian energy innovation network Greencubator launches its educational program for eco-entrepreneurs. At present, the recruitment of students for the first year has started.

Greencubator.Academy – the first such initiative in Ukraine. The main goal is to contribute to the development of “green” solutions offered by young Ukrainian startups.

About platform

The developers of the program strive to provide Ukrainian eco-innovators with free access to quality business education. Entrepreneurs will receive real tools for the development of ideas, and specialists will help to take the first step into their own business.

Why Greencubator.Academy

  • Purposefully engaged in green businesses since its inception;
  • Organizes meetings with entrepreneurs, investors and potential clients;
  • Provides not only videos and forums, but also live feedback on completed tasks;
  • Offers the best world practice of starting construction – in Ukrainian;
  • Provides access to the support network from the best companies, as well as services for tens of thousands of dollars for free;
  • As a result, students receive not certificates of completion of training, but real business.


  1. Green Startups: Progressing Business (Opened, Recruitment Continues)
  2. Green business: for small and medium corporations (in development)
  3. Promoting society and business for sustainable development (in development)
  4. Business English for Startups (in development)

How to get training

Do you have your own “green” idea and dream of making it a profitable business? Then this course is just for you. You can register for training by following the link. The set will last until December 12, 2021.