The Spanish company is looking for manufacturers of biofertilizers or plant biostimulants based on microorganisms for cooperation under a production or distribution agreement

The Spanish company has been manufacturing and selling fertilizers, biofertilizers, biostimulants, enhancers and stimulants of plant nutrition for over 35 years. The range of the company includes fertilizers, biostimulants, additives, deficit correctors, special products, solutions for fruiting. The company provides farmers with a wide range of solutions suitable for all types of crops: intensive (horticultural, citrus, fruit, etc.), extensive (cereals, industrial crops, etc.) and green space.

The company has a strong position in the Spanish market with a dense and well-established commercial network and distribution partners in 12 countries.

The company is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is why it has a wide catalog of zero chemical products that are good for the environment and applicable to both traditional and organic farming.

In order to further develop the organic agricultural segment in the Spanish market, the company wants to distribute new and innovative products. Therefore, the Spanish company is looking for partners who can produce biofertilizers and / or biostimulants based on microorganisms. The potential partner should have a catalog of fully developed and fully registered microorganisms.

First of all, the Spanish company wishes to conclude a production agreement with a partner capable of producing and supplying agricultural nutrients (biofertilizers, biostimulants) based on microorganisms that comply with EU rules and standards for organic agriculture.

Alternatively, the Spanish company is willing to negotiate a distribution agreement with companies producing microbial plant biostimulants or biofertilizers by listing the potential partner’s products in the Spanish company’s catalog under a co-branding scheme in order to benefit from the Spanish company’s brand position on the domestic market.

A Spanish company can offer the necessary support for a successful market entry: transport and logistics, end-user training, after-sales support, etc.

If the partnership agreement is successful, the Spanish company’s strategy is to expand the cooperation with the potential partner to other agricultural crop care products such as biopesticides or biofungicides.

The Spanish company is looking for organizations that can:

– Demonstrate industrial reputation: the potential partner should be an experienced organization applying microbial biotechnology for the development and production of biostimulants, biofertilizers or other plant nutrition enhancers.

– Prove the effectiveness of the developed product and the microorganisms and biotechnologies used: the partner must provide information / reports demonstrating the effectiveness of the product or the microorganisms used in terms of stimulating plant nutrition: scientific publications, laboratory tests and analyzes performed, etc.

– Prove that their products do not have a harmful effect on the environment: the partner must provide evidence that the products have a beneficial or neutral effect on the environment.

– Prove that it possesses cataloged and registered microorganisms.

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