The Polish company is looking for a coating that protects against viruses, bacteria and pathogens

A Polish company in the nanotechnology sector is looking for technology to produce a protective coating against viruses, bacteria and pathogens. The coverage is intended for places such as public transport, healthcare facilities, shopping malls and shops, offices, hotels, public places, educational institutions, etc. The proposed type of cooperation is a license agreement.

The protective coating must meet the following criteria:
– relatively fast application (drying time less than an hour);
– processing of large areas up to 800-1200 square meters without special training;
– the coating can be applied to any type of surface;
– to guarantee long-term protection;
– to ensure the creation of a protective film on the treated surface without any effect on the surface material.

The impact of an active treated surface must meet the following criteria:
• Effect of contamination on any surface (> 99.9% in laboratory tests).
• Prevents the growth of mold and mildew.
• Neutralizes disputes.
• Destroys pathogens due to the photocatalytic effect.
• Purifies the air and neutralizes odors: odors and poisonous gases are oxidized to harmless substances as soon as they get on the treated surfaces.
• Provides significant reductions in VOC emissions.

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