The French company is looking for an industrial partner in the field of metal / mechanical parts for the production of a new patented product

A French SME invented and designed a handcart that attaches to a hoverboard to make it easier to transport goods on foot. An industrial partner specialized in mechanics, mechanical welding and painting are needed to manufacture the new system. The French company is looking for a long-term partner in Eastern Europe for cooperation under a production agreement.

The French company has developed and patented a vertical welded metal system equipped with hand brakes. Once attached to an electrically powered hoverboard, the new system is useful for safely transporting goods in front of you while walking. It is possible to fasten the goods with a fixing strap.

The French company is looking for an industrial partner for the production of the developed structure. The vertical welded metal structure can be steel or aluminum. It consists of 13 parts:

-part 1: steering wheel

-part 2: kerchiefs

-part 3: U-tube

-part 4: folded sheet

-part 5: top cladding

-part 6: strap attachment plate

-part 7: long pipes

-part 8: rectangular pipes

-part 9: intermediate cladding

-part 10: shovel

-part 11: weld nut

-part 12: compression nut

-part 13: crimp nut

In addition, it is necessary to install two hand brakes on the steering wheel, as well as two non-slip rubber grips.

For starters, the French company would like a partner to make a prototype. After checking the prototype, it is planned to place the first order in the amount of 100 units. In the future, the volume of production can grow to 10 000 units per year.

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