Integrated ion-plasma technology of surface hardening (nitriding + coating) of steel parts


For hardening machine parts and mechanisms.


    • Workpiece weight, kg ≤20
    • Ion nitriding mode by current density of gas ions, mA / cm2 ≤2
    • Pressure in the vacuum chamber during nitriding, torr ~ 2 · 10–3
    • Spraying rate of nitride coating in the deposition mode, μm / h ≤20
    • Coating layer thickness, μm ~ 10
    • Nitriding depth of steel (st.25H1MF: t ≥100 μm at N ≥ 5 GPa), μm ≥100
    • Duration of the complex processing process, h ≤3


Turbo-, mechanical engineering.


High adhesion of the protective coating and the base, modified by the ion-plasma method. In one process, two technological operations are combined – nitriding and deposition of coatings. The full cycle of complex strengthening is an order of magnitude shorter than the duration of “furnace” (atmospheric) nitriding. Increasing the service life of friction pair parts of the turbine steam distribution unit by 1.5-2 times.

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