Development of polymer reagents for processing and construction


To speed up the oil refining process; improving the quality of concrete and highways.


Oil refineries, construction; road construction.


    • quality indicators at the level of the best world samples;
    • lower cost compared to imported counterparts.


New polycarboxylate superplasticizers for concrete, demulsifiers of oil-water emulsions and activators of grinding of clinker and limestone have been developed, which have been introduced into production. The complex action demulsifier effectively destroys persistent oil-water emulsions and at the same time has anti-corrosion ability. It is designed to speed up the process of separating water and salts in the processing of crude oil. Due to its high efficiency, it passed the tender selection and is supplied to several oil refineries in Ukraine. The grinding activator is used in the production of cement, when grinding clinker, limestone and other materials to increase productivity, reduce dispersion and counteract sticking phenomena. It significantly reduces energy consumption during grinding, imparts hydrophobicity to the resulting cement and limestone powders. Thanks to this, the hydrostability and durability of the road surface increases, and the consumption of bitumen decreases.

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