Chinese company is looking for partners to initiate joint research and development related to the creation of intelligent computing platforms

A Chinese company specializing in providing customers with one-stop solutions for electronic control systems, is looking for partners in Europe to initiate joint research projects related to intelligent computing platforms for vehicles (VIC platforms) and domain architecture control systems for vehicle powertrains (VPDC -systems) under research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

The Chinese company, founded in 2011, specializes in providing professional one-stop solutions for electronic control systems in areas such as automotive, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, and more.

With more than 10 years of experience in the development of electronic control systems, the company provides its customers with engineering services, technical consulting and related training services, covering the entire development process of electronic control units from rapid prototyping to mass production. Turnkey engineering services and technical consulting services provided by the company include: the development of integrated electronic control systems for vehicles operating on new energy sources, the development of fuel cell management systems, the development of engine management systems, the development of an automatic transmission control system, the development of a network bus for vehicles, embedded software development, etc.

The company has close partnerships with Tsinghua University, Jiangsu University and Tongji University. The company exports its products to the countries of Southeast Asia.

The company is currently developing control systems with a domain architecture for power units of new generation vehicles. The Chinese company is considering a research institute or university with a control system development team as an ideal partner, with which the company could conduct joint R&D in the field of intelligent vehicle computing platforms (VIC platforms) and control systems with domain architecture for vehicle powertrains (VPDC systems) under research cooperation agreements or technical cooperation agreements.

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