HORIZON: The consortium is looking for partners in the project “Modeling and characterization of new materials”

A consortium of universities from Germany, Greece, Austria, and other partners from the EU countries is looking for partners with excellent knowledge in the field of new materials development, materials recycling or big data to join the project “Simulation and characterization of new materials” for the HORIZON competition -CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-19-Call.

Currently, the use of a closed cycle and recycled materials is gaining ground, but is rarely seen on an industrial scale. Mainly due to the lack of data on recycled materials, the lack of a recycling strategy or sustainability goals in the product development process.

The aim of the project is to digitize the processes of material modeling and determination of their parameters for use in closed-loop production and sustainable development. To validate the developed methods, it is planned to study scenarios for their use in various industries from automotive to medicine.

Work in the project is organized in the following groups:

  • Digital data architecture is the basis of the project, as all information received should be structured and standardized for use in the following stages and in the product development process.
  • Material Design and Characterization – Explores design and disposal strategies with appropriate characterization methods.
  • Re-manufacturing – Scenarios for manufacturing and re-manufacturing, as well as samples for study and testing in closed-loop manufacturing.
  • Sustainability and Life Cycle – Researches and evaluates the sustainability of use cases and develops new solutions for circular manufacturing.
  • Product Development – develops ways to integrate digital methods into the production of products and exponentially applies in the provided scenarios.
  • Experiments – get experimental data from samples and use cases. This data is used and validated in digital development tools and artificial intelligence models.
  • Digital Engineering – develops simulation methods and digital assurance tools for recycled materials and circular manufacturing.
  • Big data and artificial intelligence – develops AI models based on experimental and simulation data that predict the behavior of materials and parts from them.

Draft budget: 4 – 8 million EUR
Project duration: 156 weeks.

Deadline for expressing interest: January 20, 2022
Application deadline March 30, 2022.

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