Method and installation for filtration drying of grain crops


To improve grain drying technology.


Agriculture, agricultural engineering.


    • reducing energy costs and saving fuel resources when drying grain;
    • reduction of pressure loss in the stationary layer of grain compared to drying in a fluidized bed;
    • higher drying intensity;
    • maintaining the quality characteristics of the finished product;
    • cost reduction of final products.


A method and a pilot plant for filtration drying of grain crops have been developed. When drying, a low-temperature thermal agent is used, which is maximally saturated with moisture vapor, which minimizes the heat costs for the drying process. The developed method for calculating the filtration drying process is assumed in accordance with the required performance, in particular, the design dimensions and technological parameters (hydrodynamics, kinetics and time to reach the desired final moisture content and energy costs for the process).

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