Vibration protection system (VPS) of the driver’s seat of the vehicle


To protect the driver of the vehicle from shock and vibration loads when the vehicle is moving.


The frequency range of the disturbing action, in which the vibration protection system of the chair provides protection for the driver from shock and vibration loads, is 0.50-80 Hz. Dimensions Air Force: 176 x 380 x 295 mm, which allows you to install it in the limited space of most vehicles.


Engineering industry.


Passive vibration protection system. Absence of an independent shock absorber. Lack of air pretreatment system. Dynamic characteristics correspond, and in some cases exceed the world analogues of passive, semi-active and active vibration protection systems.


The vibration protection system of a vehicle for various purposes has a quasi-zero stiffness in the working section of the static characteristic and a progressive increase in stiffness during compression and rebound.

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