Devices for reducing the sound level of a shot (DRSLS) of small arms firearms


To reduce the sound level of a shot during firing from hand-held small arms (including automatic weapons), to reduce other negative factors that accompany a shot.


Functional characteristics:

Construction material – stainless steel 12X18H10T.


      • no more than 0.70 kg (for machine guns),
      • no more than 0.75 kg (for automatic machines),
      • no more than 0.4 kg (for pistols);


      • up to 240 mm (for machine guns),
      • up to 220 mm (for automatic machines),
      • up to 250 mm (for pistols);


      • no more than 43 mm (for machine guns and machine guns),
      • no more than 38 mm (for pistols);

sound pressure reduction

      • not less than 30 dBA (for machine guns and assault rifles),
      • not less than 25 dBA (for pistols).


Devices are indispensable for training shooting, as well as for combat operations.


The high efficiency of reducing the sound level of a shot according to the developed new design schemes has been achieved through the use of modern materials and technologies. Manufactured devices are competitive and are not inferior to foreign analogues.


The effectiveness of reducing the sound level of a shot is from 30 to 36 dB, the most effective are mufflers for sniper systems – up to 36 dB. PZRZP models have been created for various modifications of 5.45 mm, 7.62 mm caliber assault rifles; sniper complexes of caliber 7.62 mm; 8.6mm; rifles, carbines caliber 5.45 mm, 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm. Design: conventional, barrel, mechanical. Production material: titanium and aluminum alloys, stainless steel.

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