Determination of physical and kinematic parameters of space objects and systems using photometry

What priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: fundamental scientific research on the most important problems of developing scientific, technical, socio-economic, socio-political, human potential to ensure the competitiveness of Ukraine in the world and the sustainable development of society and the state

Research: fundamental

Prospect for further implementation: completed

Research level: no analogues in the world

Patent: no.

What additional actions does further research require: requires funding to implement the results obtained.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

For the first time, the physical properties of the surface and the dynamical history of the asteroid (2579) Spartacus have been studied and it has been found that it is in retrograde rotation and orbital drift direction, which corresponds to its origin from the asteroid Vesta about a million years ago. The atlas of light curves and the database of photometric measurements have been replenished with almost 3.5 thousand records of observations of satellites and large bodies of space scrap metal in low orbit. New solutions are found for the rotation axis of the inactive Ukrainian satellite Sich-2 and new data on the evolution of the rotation velocity and the period of nutation of the rotation axis of the Topex spacecraft and the properties of light reflection by satellite data. The model for numerical simulation of the motion of small bodies of the solar system has been supplemented. For the first time for a central body in an asteroid system, five gravitational harmonics are taken into account; force of sunlight pressure on the components of the asteroid system and the influence of resonance effects. Observations of 57 asteroids, 50 comets and 20 stellar and extragalactic objects were obtained with the OMT-800 telescope.

New and previously confirmed rotation periods of selected asteroids (asteroid systems) are obtained based on photometric observations of the OMT-800 telescope.

The results of studying the movement of artificial bodies in near-Earth space are used to monitor space security. An act was received on the use of research results by the National Center for Control and Testing of Space Vehicles.

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