Looking for partners for a consortium in chemical process optimisation and troubleshooting through chemometric analysis

Italian SME specialized in petrochemical process industry builds a proposal to develop a methodology to apply chemometrics for chemical processes monitoring and troubleshooting. The goal is to exploit process data to improve process management.The company is looking for industrial partners interested to solve chemical process optimisation and troubleshooting through testing of chemometric analysis.
An Italian company is working in oil refining, providing process design studies and technical assistance aimed at maximizing operation of process units, considering both energy performance and production yields. With experience in continuous chemical processes, typical of oil refining, petrochemical or chemical industry, ti disposes of good chemical process knowledge and comprehension capability.
Modern chemical processes include sensors constantly producing a considerable amount of data. In addition to data automatically captured by Distributed Control Systems, datasets representing process operation can include laboratory tests for quality control or other characteristic process information.
Data monitored by plant operators are typically automatically stored in historical archives. Sometimes data are used for production monitoring but, in general, they are not much used to improve plant operating performance.

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